Laser Spine Surgery – A Myth?

A typical false impression amongst sufferers is that backbone surgical procedure will be solely completed utilizing lasers. Whereas minimally invasive surgical expertise has grown by leaps and bounds, lasers have really been round for a very long time. In actual fact, lasers have been utilized in medication since 1973. But, there is no such thing as a compelling argument for its use in backbone surgical procedure.

The fact is that lasers are virtually ineffective in the case of backbone surgical procedure. Allow us to study this somewhat extra carefully to see why. Spinal surgical procedure is often completed to alleviate ache and different difficulties by both reducing strain on a compressed nerve or by stabilizing the backbone. In case of disc herniations (protrusions) or rupture, the broken portion of the disc is eliminated in a process often known as discectomy. A laminectomy is finished to take away bone spurs or growths that could be impinging on a surrounding nerve. Backbone stabilizations or fusions are completed by securing two or extra vertebral bones collectively utilizing metallic or plastic implants. Whereas these surgical procedures will be carried out with minimal access- by way of a small incision that reduces blood loss, danger of infections and reduces restoration time, the usage of lasers just isn’t related and may really be counter-productive.

It’s changing into more and more evident that laser backbone surgical procedure is solely a advertising and marketing pitch, assuring sufferers of painless procedures with just about no side-effects, promising a fast return to regular life. Whereas the very fact stays, laser surgical procedure really entails a surgical incision to entry the backbone. The laser is then used solely to take away the delicate tissues over the backbone. Impinging bone fragments or ligaments are eliminated utilizing specialised devices. Due to this fact, the laser in laser backbone surgical procedure really performs a really minor position.

One other essential side about laser backbone surgical procedure is that whereas lasers can reduce broken or protruding components of discs, it’s way more dependable to mechanically take away the disc fragment to alleviate nerve compression. Furthermore, it is usually a safer choice because the laser dangers the prospect of damaging the nerve root situated close to the disc. Lasers can’t be used to decompress sufferers with spinal stenosis because it can’t reduce bone. An electrocautery is a extra most well-liked device utilized in spinal surgical procedure and is a comparatively safer choice.

Advertising and marketing “protected” spinal surgical procedure with the usage of lasers is clearly with out benefit and has gained reputation solely by making false assurances to sufferers, enjoying on their worry of surgical procedure and promising ease of restoration. The reality is, most neurosurgeons don’t use or advocate the usage of lasers for backbone surgical procedure as a result of there are not any clear advantages over different procedures. As well as, there are not any well-established research to show the effectiveness of lasers over extra fashionable and established backbone surgical procedure methods. Due to this fact, make sure that you utterly perceive the process previous to present process any elective surgical procedure. Seek the advice of with a professional backbone surgeon to get the proper data on backbone surgical procedure.

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